About askMoni

What is askMoni?
askMoni is a new way for internet users to retrieve information and thereby have fun by just chatting with Moni. Moni is a virtual assistant that unlike other bots is based on user generated content.
As it is a mixture between a bot and an online community a user can have a normal conversation with Moni and she will give the most likely answer to all of your questions. Being connected to other online communities it is a dynamic system caching tacit knowledge from conversations between real people.
By teaching Moni patterns Moni can also run specific actions like opening a website or opening an url and thereby control devices and perform interactions with the real world.

How does Moni work?
Moni uses several algorithms that are based on insights of neural networks and artificial intelligence. Doing this Moni is a very brain like computing architecture.

What type of questions should I ask?
As askMoni is not a plain bot but also a community you should not enter search queries like in a search engine but ask a real question. E.g. don't ask 'largest city US' but 'What is the largest city in the US?'. Please also don't ask bad questions that violate laws or insult other users. Please also don't enter any personal information like names or email addresses.

Can I contact the askMoni team?
For partnership & investment opportunities, or should you be interested in working with us here at askMoni, please call (415) 412-4322.


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